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Softball League Rules

The Adult Slow Pitch Softball League Rules and Regulations shall govern play for the Coed Leagues with the following adaptations.


Coed teams must always have a minimum of eight players comprised of four or more women and minimum of three men to start the game. If a team has only four women and one becomes injured during the game and leaves the game, an automatic out is given in her spot.


  1. Teams bat players alternating man-woman-man-woman, women bat in the same order, and the men bat in the same order alternately. When there are more men batters than woman batters, an out must be taken in the place of woman.
  2. If a team has more than 10 players, all players may bat by taking the out for a missing woman batter or sub in the first male batter.
  3. If a team has more women than men, a woman must bat first.
  4. Players arriving late must start at the end of the batting order.
  5. Players may substitute into field positions, but must remain in the same spot in the batting order.


The pitching arc for women batters is limited to 12 feet, unlimited for men.


Courtesy runners must be the same gender as the person they are running for. Courtesy runners may start at second base.


Players may play any defensive position regardless of gender; however, there must be an equal or greater number of women in the field. If you only have 9 players then 5 men and 4 woman may take the field.

Outfielders must position themselves behind the 120’ outfield line (from the pitcher’s mound) prior to the pitch to a female batter. It cannot be crossed until the ball is hit. Penalty: Automatic dead ball with batter and base runners each advancing one base.


Any walk to a male batter will result the male batter taking 1 base. (unless the next batter (female) chooses to not bat then the male will go to 2nd base and the female to 1st base.